Thursday, October 8, 2009

Scrappy Pumpkins

scrapbook paper pumpkin
These were really fun to make and so easy and cheap. In-fact we made them as an activity with the 10 and 11 year old Activity Day girls. All you need is some seasonal scrapbook paper, modge-podge, and those cheap little plastic pumpkins that you can find at the dollar store or Walmart.

Instructions: First tear your scrapbook paper into appropriate sizes for the size pumpkin you are working with. Second squeeze some glue onto a scrap of paper and use your fingers to rub the glue all over both sides of your piece of scrap paper. Third place the scrap piece of paper that is now covered in glue onto your pumpkin and use your fingers to press it down and smooth it out so that it forms to the pumpkin. Continue with these steps until your entire pumpkin is covered. Then let it dry and you will have a cute little pumpkin all dressed to impress.

I have only had time to make one so far, but I would love a whole little pumpkin patch of these guys on my fireplace mantel.

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