Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saving Pumpkins Seeds

pumpkin seeds
This was the first year that I have ever bought white pumpkins. I just love the angelic look of them and have always wanted to buy white ones. So to not let my perfect pumpkin purchases go to waste I decided to harvest the seeds in hopes that I can plant them in the yard this next spring. I have never planted pumpkins before let alone preparing my own seeds for storage. So I looked up on line how to do it and all the instructions I found were pretty simple.

Instructions on this project:

I washed the seeds with water and placed them on a drying rack making sure I sifted through them every once in awhile. Then after a couple of weeks or so of drying I put the seeds into envelopes. Now all I have to do is place them in a dry dark place (my basement kitchen), and cross my fingers it worked.

saving pumpkin seeds

So I am really hoping that I will be-able to have a post next fall showing off my home grown white and orange pumpkins.

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