Saturday, December 5, 2009

13 Ounces or Less

Did you know that you can mail things through the U.S Postal system unpackaged if they are 13 ounces or less? The Giverslog has been experimenting with this little fact for awhile now, and this Christmas I decided to join in on the fun when I found the perfect thing at the dollar store.

Now friends and family are worth every penny to have in your life, but it is hard around the Holidays to buy and ship each one of them a little something with out it adding up quickly. I have done many creative things in the past, but this just may turn out to be my favorite.
These mugs were at the Dollar Tree for... well a dollar. 
They come apart and have a template included so that you can design your own mug. 
So I came up with this holiday design to insert into each mug. The design includes on it the mailing and return address so that it will be visible to the postal service on the outside of the mug. The labels in the design look a little crocked, but that is to make up for the curvature in the mug, so when I cut it out and put it in they will look straight. 
Then for a family activity we cut out each label, and filled each mug up with a cocoa packet, small lightweight treats, and a little note of Holiday greetings to send out to all our loved-ones. 

The post office then will print a little mailing label to go on each mug, and it will be on it's way to it's destination. I thought it would be a fun surprise for friends and family to find a mug with goodies sitting in their mailbox. Just a little something out of the ordinary to put a warm smile on their faces on a cold winters day.

*The mailing does cost a little over a dollar. You could always do what I did and buy one to take to the post office and double check things out.

For a downloadable version of this mug label click HERE

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