Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Thrifty Garden

I was so excited to run across seeds at the dollar store yesterday. I was even more excited that they had seeds for some beautiful flowers that I have always wanted to try and grow.

I bought all these seeds for less than $15.00. The little packets were four for a dollar and the bulbs were a dollar each. I need to go back and buy more. I am having flower seed anxiety.

So hopefully I can get my act together this spring and at least plant some flowers from seed. I have three tiered planting boxes leading down to the basement french doors that I want to plant nothing but flowers in. I have visions of sitting in my front room and gazing out the bay window to see peonies, cosmos, zinnias, and ranunculus. I wanted to be really select about the flower colors, but these seeds were just too good of a deal to pass up. I am afraid my peony bulbs will not be as cheap, but I just have to have them. I cannot wait to go out into the backyard and pick fresh cut flowers to put in the house. Dream come true!

My other hope is to have three growing boxes in the backyard against the fence so that I can plant vegetables, fruit, and herbs. Down by the basement I also want to plant blackberries and raspberries so that they can grow up the wall down there. I hoping I can get some starts from my Sister-in-laws garden. She also has some clematis which she got from our first house we ever lived in together in Provo. So I for-sure want to plant some of that so we can have a little piece of our past her at this house. The only thing that may hold all my plans up is that we also want to put a fence in sometime. We are still debating on when to do it though. So I have to figure out what is top on the list. A fence would be so nice so that we do not have to heard the dog and child as much, but if we spend all are money on that there will not really be anything back there anyways. I really want to get started on planting things too, since it takes a couple of years for everything to mature and get just right. So we will see.

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