Thursday, May 6, 2010

Check Out My Newest Sponsors

If you haven't noticed I have three newer sponsors on my side bar. I am so excited to have them onboard, and am even more excited that they are all local and run their businesses out of Utah. Please check them out.

Put a Wrap on it is a cute little business run by Brenda McQueary that makes custom candy wrappers. Put a Wrap on it is ready to add fun to your candy with designer looks, by turning ordinary candy bars into memorable and personal gifts or favors in a few simple steps. I had her send me some custom wraps for the Bake Sale that is this Saturday and boy was I impressed.

This is how everything came packaged to me. So Cute! 

I about died when I saw the "thank you" candy bar. How fun would that be to just order labels that say "Thank You" and be able to hand candy bars out to people all year to show your appreciation. 
Putting the labels on the chocolate bars was really easy too. I simply used a glue stick and applied it to the indicated spot on the label and put a wrap on it
She even has instructions printed on each label so it is a big no brainer. The quality of the labels is really good and looks straight from the candy shop after you put them on the chocolate bars. I was excited about this sponsor before I got the labels, but now that I have tried it out and seen it in-person I am even more excited. I will be using Put a Wrap on it every chance I get.

Brian Maxfield from Rocky Mountain Upholstery works with designers and homeowners all over Utah and will be helping me turn these diamond in the rough chairs into something beautiful for my front room. 
That is when and if I find the time to strip them down and paint them first. I am working on it Brian! 

Bland's Nursery which is located right up the road from me on Redwood Road has a fun family run atmosphere and even sells bulk seeds. With old rusted blue wagons and vintage scales I wanted to by their plants and their stuff. 
My seedlings are doing pretty good and I bought my soil mix from Bland's so thanks for helping me out ladies. 

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  1. I've worked with Brian from Rocky Mountain Upholstery before and was VERY disappointed. If it's a simple project you will probably be fine, anything too custom or advanced I would steer clear of him. I had him custom make some dining chairs and they were an expensive disaster. The shape of the chair was not like the picture of the chair I gave him. He used triangular patches on the sides with the nap of the fabric going in the opposite directions so they don't match the rest of the chair, and he put arms on the seats that weren't suppose to be there (thus narrowing the seat width). My experience is that he promises big and delivers small. Live and learn