Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mail Box Area Clean-Up

I decided to clean up our mailbox area awhile back. It is one of those awkward places that you do not know if you or your neighbor is in charge of. I guess I was feeling in charge that day. 

I weeded and cleaned everything out. removed some ugly paver stones that are all over our property that I hate and replaced them with some rocks I had removed from another planter area earlier. It was funny because all the rocks I had fit exactly around the mail box area like they were suppose to go there all along. I even scrapped and painted the neighbors mail box post and spray pained their box. I asked the husband if he noticed after he got home and he told me I was probably the only one in the neighborhood that paid attention to what the mail boxes look like, which is probably true. Him saying that made me feel like I could have probably painted everyones mail boxes and no-one would have noticed. Kind of a funny thought. I sprinkled some wild flower seed mix on the new dirt I put down and I was done. It is always a good feeling to get little projects like that done. I tried to see if I had a good before picture since I forgot to take one, but this was all I found. 
It reminded me of how bad our yard was when we first moved in. Our house before we moved in had not been lived in for a entire year and was a foreclosure so it may have not been well taken care of for even longer than that. The weeds were sky high everywhere and it took us forever to get it all under control. So as many things as I still want to change our house looks tons better than when we moved in.
These were the weeds and things growing in the garden boxes down to the basement entrance when we moved in. Now I have my Peonies planted at the top along with wild flowers and bulbs growing in the other tiers.

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