Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Straight From the Factory

Don't you just love this nightstand I bought for Jayna's big girl room I am working on? The color is great and the finish is factory perfect. You know you can make and refinish furniture, but the finish and quality of already made store bought furniture is way superior.


That is just a $10 yard sale find that I painted.

This post is going to rock your painting world...

After painting some old chairs using a spray gun hooked up to my new air-compressor I knew spraying was the way to go, but still thought there had to be an even better way to do it. The problem with the air compressor set-up was that my compressor was too small and there were lots of variables between the gun and the compressor which makes dialing everything in just right difficult. Also I would only get about half a minute worth of spraying in before my compressor would have to re-fill. Which for the life of the compressor is not great, and makes the painting process not that much more time efficient then painting with a brush. So the whole thing left me feeling like I had wasted $80 bucks on a gun and I still felt like painting all my upcoming projects (play kitchen, office furniture, kitchen cabinets) was going to be a timely, messy, pain as-usual. 
Then I ran across some paint systems on youtube and down the internet rabbits hole I fell until I ended up on Earlex's website looking at the HV3500 spray station. It was made for serious DIY painting and looked to simple and easy to be true. I just had to try it. So after talking to Earlex the Bird and the Berry had a new sponsorship and my paint system was on its way. 
When I received the spray system my first pleasant surprise was how simple it was. There were no extensive instructions or anything, it was ready to go right out of the box. The whole system was so compact and self contained, that I really wondered how it could out perform my compressor and big metal gun that had already disappointed. I took it down stairs filled the plastic paint container with primer, watered it down as the tips and instructions had suggested, plugged the hose into the gun and turned it on. 
It was a dream! I think I primed the whole night stand in a couple of minutes. The paint came out perfectly with little to no overspray. It was just too easy! 
No more coat after coat of painting with a brush. I could hardly believe it and I was doing it. The paint gun went together, worked and cleaned up exactly like the company videos and directions said it would. I was really impressed. I feel like I could paint anything, anytime, anywhere and I am going to.  
So now I have a little spray station in the utility area of my basement. I just hung a plastic drop cloth in the corner and laid my painters cloth on the ground and that is it. 
It is not glamourous, and is a little dungeon like, but it is right by the utility sink for easy clean-up and I do not have to worry about spilled or over-sprayed paint.
This product in my opinion would be worth every penny. For DIY ladies and moms it is light weight and can be moved very easily. This system makes little to no mess and you could even start and finish a whole coat of paint during nap time. 

I will be featuring more about this product when I paint what we are making Jayna for Christams. In the meantime check out all these Earlex videos. It looks too good to be true, but it really is true. The other thing I was impressed with was when reading reviews everyone that had had a problem with their purchased system said that their problem was resolved easily and quickly. Good Costumer Service is like gold these days especially when buying on the internet.


  1. Wow, it looks awesome! I really need to find a product like this that sprays evenly and doesn't make a mess. I'll definitely check it out.

  2. That is awesome! I wish I had a place in my basement I could set up with something like this. I want to look into this!