Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am in Love!

I am in LOVE, and just in time for Valentines.

I saw a post about Dutch airers on Apartment Therapy the other day, and they looked so cool and seemed so dang practical for clearing up floor space in the laundry room. That is when I vaguely thought I remembered Ikea selling something similar. Sure enough they do, so I picked one up last night.

I Love it! First of all it matches my laundry room perfect and I think it is so fun to use. I am already planning on purchasing a second one to put on the other side of this one. It was really easy to put together, but then again I have not meet an Ikea product yet that has made me have a nervous assembly breakdown, and I know others have. 
I do have a sad side note to my love story though. The rack does and did not come with ceiling hooks, and since I am really impatient I had the husband just use whatever old hooks we could find which were just little ones. So this morning when I went to try out my new toy by hanging wet jeans on it the whole thing pulled out of the ceiling and fell. Sad day! My new love already broke my heart, but it was kinda my fault. The husband said we will get bigger hooks and anchors tonight. So for now I will follow the laundry room motto and...


  1. I just bought that same print except in yellow for my bedroom. I love it. Too funny we seem to have similar taste :)

  2. Try, just bought similar traditional airer from them, it is great!