Monday, October 3, 2011

Where I have been & What I have been up-to

Life has been busy and here is why:

Party Lights needed to go up for the two ice-cream socials I had at the house for church. My brother-in-law (lucky me) works for a Christmas lighting company, so he was able to come and custom cut the length of lights I needed.
Parade of Homes needed to be attended. I just had to take my daughter and niece and nephew to the up-house. an exact replica of the movies house including furniture etc.

How cute is all that?!?
 The garden has needed tending...
 and eating.
Naked butterflies and dogs have needed watching.
 Weddings have need officiating and cake has needed to be cut.
Back steps have needed to be fixed up and stained and a dinner bell needed to be installed for kid who wants treats while playing.

Invitations have been made
Tears have need shedding. Funeral programs needed making.

 Gardenias were her favorite flower
 Funeral favors were made.
 Out of Grandma's bird seed that she would faithfully feed her blue birds.
Grandmas make-up was done. If I did cosmetics for 8 years just to be able to make my Grandmother look beautiful and like her-self for those who loved her it was worth it. All hard, but worth it.
 Flights were made with little girls to put on a baby shower out of state.
Bribes were made so passengers would be nice to us.
Halloween crafts and plans have been started. More to come soon.
These and a million other things that my brain will not even let me remember right now are the reasons for my less than frequent posting.
So when you are wonder why I have not been posting know that it is not because there is nothing to post about. It is because I am tooooo busy doing things, and I do not have time to post. 

My Grandmother all though 82 passed away unexpectedly in August.  She was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside, and gave me the love I have for my heritage and family history. She was an inspiration to all that met her, and although we are sad for our loss we rejoice in the sweet reunion she must have had with her sweet heart whom she has been apart from for 44 years.


  1. I found you via this post - - my husband and I are looking for a solution for our closet doors & would like more info on how you did yours.



  2. It is basically hard board or plywood whatever looks the best to you and is thin and not to heavy. Then we picked out a molding we liked and framed the boards. Let me know if you have any other questions.