Sunday, April 25, 2010

Utah Home Remodeling Show

Friday night the husband took me out for a little date night. He knows just what I like to do and took me to a Utah Home Remodeling Show. It was a nice night out, but I wish the show had been better. It was mostly heating and air companies, roofing companies, and randomness. I wish there would have been designers, decor items and ideas, wallpaper, and fixtures etc, but to my disappointment there wasn't. I did run across a few things I loved though.

custom wood furniture
Like these guys

If you are never going to get around to building your own furniture with the plans from Knock Off Wood then have these guys build and paint it for you. They are a husband and wife team building amazing furniture out of a little workshop in Salt Lake City called Sean's Woodworking

custom wood furniture utah

The finish and quality of his work is exceptional and the prices were very reasonable. They have pieces already designed that they can build you and custom paint to your liking, or you can just bring them a photo of the furniture piece you would like and they will build it to match. I just love finding and seeing people who are great at their craft!

utah sheds
Wright's Shed co. was amazing. They made the Home Depot's sheds look like rickety shacks. I was drooling over the shed at the show that had rolling black barn doors on it. I wouldn't even mind living in one of their chicken coops they are so nice. They also had some really pretty weathervanes that they were selling. I didn't snag any pictures at the show, but you can check them out more here. They too do custom work to fit your needs. 

Wright's Shed Co. was first started in 1997 by two brothers, Daniel and Chad Wright, who were only 16 and 15 years old at the time. They came from a family of 9 children and learned early on that if they wanted something they had to work hard for it. They run a debt free operation that enables them to pass the savings on to their customers. There is also a good chance you will see one of the 7 Wright brothers during the construction of your shed, as the business has and is keeping them very busy and is helping them pay for their church missions and college educations. 

One of the owners is a young guy with a cute little family who even custom built his own home from the ground up. I would love to have one of these sheds in my backyard some day!

This next company has nothing to do with home remodeling, but boy is their stuff tasty. Volker's Bakery can be found at just about any Utah show or Market. They make the most wonderful artisan breads infused with wonderful herb and cheese combinations. My favorite is their asiago basil loaf. Their breads are so soft and flavorful it is unreal. It is not hard to spot their both at the Salt Lake Farmers Market during the summer, because they are the only both that you can not see do to the swarm of people. I have got to remember to order my sourdough bread for New Years fondue from them. 

So that is my review of the show I went to on Friday. I only found a couple of companies I liked, but those companies were great and I will add them to my home bidder for future use. It is always fun to see what your local area has to offer.


  1. Looks like you guys got your date! Fun!

  2. The home remodeling show seems like it had a lot of good items present. The shed is my favorite of the pictures included here. It has such charm and the paint design makes it a great reminder of country chic.

  3. That's totally awesome that you're doing this to pay for missions and school and stuff. Way to save your money and stay debt free! It seems like this home remodeling has really got you guys some good business!