Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm walking into spiderwebs, so leave a message and I'll call you back...

halloween party ideasI love this table-scape I found. I tried making the spider webs on those cupcakes out of royal icing, but I think you actually have to have patience to make them. They worked, but were very fragile. I could just see myself having a melt down trying to put them on cupcakes for the ward Halloween party. So I think I am going to pass on doing the spider webs and come up with something else that will help me keep my sanity.

I used to do an annual tea party during the winter, and want to come up with another annual party. An annual Halloween party could be fun and convenient the more I think about it. November and December are so busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas that it is hard to fit a party in, so October would be a good time to have a party anyways. I will have to think about this some-more and see if I can talk the husband into it. My friend Mindy does a Halloween party every year and it is always a hit with her friends, although she goes all out for every holiday.

This Just In!- Husband has just informed me that some of my practice spider webs have hardened more and are not as fragile as the ones I was trying to work with earlier. So he thinks I should be more patient and do the spider web cupcakes for the ward party. I guess I will try it again and commit to it. I thought about dusting them in edible glitter so maybe I will do that too. The party is Friday night so look for my post about the spider web cupcakes because it will either be a hit or a bomb. Wish me luck!

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