Monday, October 19, 2009

You Have Been Booed

you have been booed gift idea
I remember as a kid packaging up plates of pumpkin cookies to go ditch on neighbors doors. We would leave a cute little note that explained that they had been booed and were to pass it on to other neighbors.We also would leave directions for them to place a boo sign we had left them in their window. Then we would beg are parents each night to drive us around the neighbor hood so that we could see how far are booing had spread. This year my mom booed me by mail, so I had to pass it on. Here is my new take on an old favorite halloween tradition. I hope no-one I booed sees this post!

you have been booed tags
you have been booed signsyou have been booed sign ideas

I made the boo sign and tags on the computer, and bought the cute little buckets at Walmart. The pumpkin cookie recipe is my mom's. She created it by combining several recipes years ago, and now it is a family staple and favorite during October. They are the best pumpkin cookies by far.


  1. Jill - I love your mom's pumpkin cookie recipe and have made them for years. It is Dennis' favorite cookie. He loves lots of chocolate chips in them. I used to make them just at Halloween time but my kids request them whenever they come home - so yummy! I love your blogs!

  2. What?!? And you're gonna tempt us like that and not even post the recipe?? Did I miss it somewhere? ;)

  3. I know! I didn't post it because I was having inner turmoil about whether or not I should give away the family secret. Since it looks like my mom gave the recipe to the Stohls I will post it. So stay tuned.