Monday, November 9, 2009

Birthday Party Favor Bags

boy birthday party favor bags

These may look like little kid birthday favors, but they were actually for my husbands 29th birthday party that we had on Saturday. He is married to Miss party planner, but every year he does the same thing on his birthday. We go to the nickel arcade with his closest friends (and every 7 year old that has their birthday on the same day as him), get hot wings, and play at the house for the rest of the night. So each year I sneak a little cuteness into the boy event by making them party favor bags that have fun treats in them that they can snack on while they play video games. The boys, I mean men really like them and look forward to what will be in the bag each year.

party favor tags

This year I made these cute little labels that can be printed out and cut to fit plain brown paper lunch sacks. I thought they looked fun, and fit in with the nights activities.

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