Monday, November 16, 2009

Pottery Barn Kids Playhouse Lookalike

pottery barn playhouse

This last Saturday Ryan, Jayna, and I all went to Pottery Barn Kids to buy two red Everyday chairs for her Dr. Seuss playroom, that hopefully will be "mostly" done by Christmas (cross my fingers). While there Jayna loved playing with the different toys and kitchens, but she especially loved this little playhouse. She loved looking out the windows and playing pica boo with the door. I was talking to Ryan about how much she liked it and he said we should make her one for the playroom. I was surprised he wanted to do another project for that room, but I was not going to pass up the offer. I said regarding the frame "you think you can make that?", his response was "I can make that in two seconds!" So I challenged him to make it that night...

Instructions on This Project:

1. We figured out all of our measurements. Pottery Barn Kids had most of them listed on their website so that was a good starting point for us.

how to make pottery barn kids playhouse lookalike
how to make a playhouse
2. Ryan went to the hardware store and picked up several PVC pipes and lots of PVC joints.
how to make po ttery barn kids playhouse lookalike
3. We cut all of our PVC pipe down to the right lengths using a pipe cutter. Your husband may have one if he has ever worked on the sprinklers. It is a lot easier then using a hack saw and there is no mess with the pipe cutter.

how to make a kids playhouse
4. We started putting our frame together with all of our joints we purchased.

kids felt playhouse
5. The pitched roof took some additional calculating of which I can not re-explain to you since square roots were involved.

how to make a felt playhouse
6. Then with-in less then twenty minutes (almost = to two seconds) We had the frame of our playhouse.

So Pottery Barn can keep it's $200 playhouse. Although now it is up to me to sew the fabric for it and add all the little touches and details to it. I am going to do the house out of felt and it will be a Dr. Seuss house of course. I just have to find time to fit it in before Christmas.

I will have more details on this project later, and depending on how easy it is to sew I will think about selling kits if anyone is interested. This playhouse is a lot like the card table playhouses if you have seen those. I love the pitched roof though and it allows taller older kids to play in it as-well. So your kids will not grow out of it as fast.

So, thank you awesome husband!


  1. Thank you for having this post! I bought that PBK cottage playhouse cover @ the PB outlet for $17, but we need the excited!!!


  2. I know this is a really old post - but do you have the directions for the frame your husband made or the measurements? I bought a PBK cottage used - it came with the frame but no directions and from what I can find online I think the frame is missing a piece and I cannot figure out how the heck to put it together... sitting here in tears! If you can help I would be forever grateful...


    2. I just found this post and the link is no longer valid. I gues they don't want anybody building their own.

  3. hey i love to build and add new things to my kid's play room. it's huge! I can easily customize any project and make it my own, they love to help. I was just wondering how long is the shorter piece at the bottom (base) and how long is the short roof piece? Are they the same length? I have the materials left over from a plumbing project but double checking measurments before I start cutting. I just need a general comparison. Plz and TY

  4. Using 6 Tri-corner joints (90 degree's), 4 - 45 degree angled joints, and 4 t-joints (90 degree angle)
    Pipe length depends honestly how big you want the tent / playhouse to be! From a DIY Mom of 4 not the inventor or publisher. I'm going to top an old toddler bed mattress.

  5. Thanks for this design, which was totally perfect and easy to follow. I couldn't find the 3-way connectors in my local stores, so I needed to improvise, but this was possible.

    I just built a very tall and skinny frame around the top of the slide of my daughter's swing set. I'll cover it with fabric (inspired by this: so it will become an ice castle for an upcoming birthday party.

    If I decide to splurge, the kids will be able to slide down into a pile of fake snow. Otherwise, it'll be a wading pool. :-)

  6. Here are the lengths we cut our 1/2" PVC pipe to build the frame:

    (2) 44"
    (2) 28"
    (4) 32.25"
    (4) 1.25"
    (4) 16.5"
    (1) 42"

    The overall dimensions for the house, from the PB website.....46"x30"x47.5" (WxLxH)

  7. Thank you so much for this idea! I got hold of a new Pottery Barn SUV cover at a yard sale, but there was no frame. Now I build my own from PVC for my son's 2nd birthday. So pleased with how it turned out!

  8. Oh my gosh!! Love this post. We had this house and the frame cracked because our girls used it so much. I think I'm gonna go get the pic pipes for this today!!!