Friday, November 6, 2009

Trying Pie

raspberry pie

So I have decided that for Activity Days this month I am going to teach the girls how to make pie since it will be close to Thanksgiving time. Problem is I have never made pie! So last night I did a practice run. I was planning on making blackberry pie, but there were no blackberries at the grocery store, so I got raspberries instead. I bought some small tin baking dishes to see if I could successfully make little individual pies.

mini pie

I made my dough, but I think I added a little to much water. Then I dusted the raspberries in sugar a dash of salt and cornstarch and placed them in the center of the little pies. I put the top crust on and then baked them. They turned out pretty decent, but my crust dropped down into the pie instead of rising or staying where it was. The filling was a little to liquidy too. Maybe more cornstarch would have taken care of that, but I am not sure.


I love how pies look. They are so organic looking, and to me are the most domestic thing a girl can make. I will look forward to the day that I can make a homemade pie out of berries from my garden. Until then I will just pretend I picked the berries.

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