Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What is Your Favorite Childhood Place?

apple hill

I recently got to visit one of my favorite childhood places, Apple Hill, while on our Thanksgiving vacation in Northern California. I have such fond memories of going there each fall growing-up. It is literally a whole hill full of apple orchards up in Placerville. You drive the small windy roads that circle the hill, and stop by little farms and shops that serve fresh apple pies, carmel apples, apple donuts, and free samples of freshly pressed apple cider. Craft vendors in little booths occupy most of the farms walkways selling homemade crafts and art. The leaves were just turning while we were there, and there is nothing like the crisp autumn air of the California mountains.

apple baskets
I am really "old fashion" at heart and love all things from eras past, so the wood baskets full of just plucked apples and produce were to much for me to handle. I couldn't leave without buying some baskets of my own. I now have them in my pantry full of apples from the trip and potatoes and onions I just bought from the store yesterday. I love that they are a functional trip souvenir that reminds me of beautiful Apple Hill and memories from my childhood.

apple hill map
What is your favorite childhood place?

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