Tuesday, January 26, 2010


secret message valentinesFor Activity Days (the girls church group I am over) next week we are going to make secret message valentines cards. One will be an invisible message only revealed by spraying love potion on it, and the other will be a message only revealed by wearing special glasses that we will be making. Card ideas courtesy of Mrs. Martha. I thought it was something that 10 and 11 year olds would like to do, and different than just making regular old cards.

So I wanted to make something just as fun as the cards we will be making to invite them to the activity.
cootie catcher
So I made cootie catchers with the activity info and valentine images on it.

Then I made a little tag to attach to it too.

cootie catcherI never thought at 28 I would be making cootie catchers let alone printing them off on my computer. The other thing that was scary was that my husband remembered how to fold them and I didn't.

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