Friday, January 22, 2010

Don't Play With Your Food

"Don't play with your food", may be what your mother told you when you were a kid, but it is just fine to do now that you are an adult.

I have a stacking recipe book that sadly I have only tried one recipe from. It is an awesome recipe though, and always impresses anyone I make it for. So when I want to feel like an amazing chef I just cook this up.

You even cook the final product in a pineapple can of all things, and make your own tortilla disks.

So have fun with your food. Don't be afraid to try the new or different.

If you would like this recipe to be posted just leave a comment saying so. I just didn't feel like typing that much this-morning. Thanks!


  1. Ok, I have left several comments on this blog, but they never seem to show up. What am I doing wrong??? I want this recipe!

  2. I am not sure this is the first one I have seen. After you hit post comment you have to do a word verification. Are you skipping that part? Sorry! I will work on getting you the recipe. It is yummy! Have I made it for you before?