Friday, January 15, 2010


I hit the Jackpot yesterday at D.I.! For those of you who are not familiar with Deseret Industries it is both a nonprofit, vocational rehabilitation facility and a thrift store run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It is my favorite place to find treasures, and today was my lucky day.

I found this cute metal chair that I thought would be perfect for my laundry-room desk, but it is a little on the short side. Not to worry though I will find a place somewhere for this little guy, or I will just not put it right at the desk.

Then I also found a great school desk for Jayna Berry. I have always wanted to find one and buy it, and the stars aligned yesterday for me to do so. I am planning on painting it and putting it in the soon to be craft-room of my dreams.

I picked up this rustic looking coffee table that is luckily enough the perfect size for my family-room. It did have glass, but I told the guy helping me to just take it out because I was not planning on using it anyways. My plans for this piece are to upholster a top for it and leave it the raw rustic wood.

I also picked up some cute plates that match my house colors. Almost all my dishes except for my everyday ware are from D.I. That may gross some people out, and it even grosses me out sometimes. That is until I give them a good hot scrub down and a heavy wash in the dishwasher. I do get a little worried now a days about the whole lead thing, but most of them I do not use regularly enough to get too paranoid about it.

I also found these cute little tin buckets that I thought would be great for Jaynas' room when I do it. I am planning on using a similar shade of green for the walls.

Then I found two of these little black baskets that I am sure I will find a use for somewhere.

And this super cute globe. Everyone needs a globe. I will most likely, but this in the craft room too.

I thought this lamp was simple and cute too, so I picked it up. It looked lonely like it wanted to come home with me. I do not even know if it works, but everything is fixable.

I almost forgot about these barstools too. They were a great find, and I think I am going to spray-paint them later. They need to be cut down a little to fit at my island though so that may be a challenge to do.

The biggest diamond in the rough find though was this old gun cabinet. It is way sketchy, and needs a ton of work, but when I look at it I see an all white antiqued cabinet with bead-board-backing, little shelves, cute knobs, a little latch, and whicker baskets in the bottom where the drawers used to be. I had to get it because it was only $35, and usually things with glass like this fixed up are a ton more.

All in all I spent about $95 which may sound like a lot for someone to spend at a thrift store, but if you bought all these things finished at a home store it would cost you way more than that. You for-sure have to be willing to put in some additional money and elbow grease for some of these items, but that is the fun of it all. To see something and see it's potential and then make it happen.

I have to get moving on these projects though. I have a whole corner of the garage full of nothing but these projects. Chairs, more chairs, and night stands etc.

There is going to be a whole lot of stripping going on at my house, and it is not the kind of stripping that has anything to do with a pole.

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