Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Perfect Blue

Awhile back I helped a friend who moved to Virginia pick out colors for her new home. The blue we picked for her living-room and kitchen area was the blue dreams are made of. It is a Benjamin Moore color of course and the name of it is yarmouth blue HC-150.

The color in her kitchen area before was a green which made the honey colored cabinets and floor look golden and stark. Living back east for the first time she also wanted something more historical in color to embrace all the history she saw around her. When she sent me the after pictures I was in love. The color looked so amazing photographed that I could have cared less how it looked in person. I would paint a room in this color just to see it in a picture.

Since this client I have also helped a Sister-in-law paint a guest bedroom in this color and it is still as amazing as the first time I used it.

Both times this color was mixed at Home Depot in Behr Paint.


  1. I'm literally sitting here with my brother's (he's a painter) deck of Benjamin Moore paint colors looking for the perfect blue for my bedroom. I had it narrowed down to Blue Heather or Manor Blue. Now I'll add Yarmouth Blue to the list because that color looks great in the pic above. I actually in LOVE with Farrow & Ball's Parma Gray. But, at $125 a gallon I'm going to wait for the Farrow & Ball paint chip to come in the mail and then try to find something similar that's not so expensive.

  2. Hey Brooke. Thanks for the comment. Summer has the blue I am talking about in her basement. Good luck finding the one you like. I will have to check your blog to see the final selection. I also have a second paint deck for Benjamin Moore with their color preview line if you want to look at it. That may just make your decision harder though.

  3. Just realized when I came back to look at the pics above that I keep forgetting to subscribe to comments. Just wanted to let you know I wasn't ignoring your replies on either of your blogs. Anyhow I just saw your comment about getting together and I would love to do that. You and Jayna should stop by and visit or we could do lunch sometime?

    I'm in design mode over here. Up to my eyeballs in carpet samples and paint chips.