Monday, March 15, 2010

Iron Man!

No I am not talking about the Iron Man in the movies your husband wants to watch. I am talking about my Iron Man, or at least I want him to be my Iron Man someday.

utah wrought iron work
There is a house in my neighbor-hood that I pass often that always has really pretty wrought iron work, like arbors and trellises in the front yard for sale. I have always wanted to stop and look at them more, and or call the homeowner to find out how much everything is and if they do custom work or not. So the other day when we finally had a sunny afternoon here in Utah Jayna and I went for a walk to that house. I called the Iron Man and left a message and then later talked to him and setup a time for him to come over and give me a quote.

utah wrought iron
I have a basement entrance on the side of my house that is currently fenced with (cringing) chain link fencing. I have been dreaming of the day that it will be fenced with looping wrought iron and have a cute little gate that has an even more adorable little latch. So I was crossing my fingers that the neighbor-hood Iron Man would be able to come to my rescue.

He is the nicest man, and funny enough ended up being the man who put in our attic insulation last summer. He does all the work and fabrication himself and I love his work. He has this arbor that has a double doored gate that would make any respectable housewife or gardener drool.
utah custom wrought iron work
So moral of the story is if you are looking for any fun wrought iron work to add to your house, yard or garden this is your guy. He has pot holders he has made, garden boarders etc. Wrought iron is never cheap, but this is your local "Pop" welder that would be great to support and wonderful to work with.

His name is Roger, and you can reach him at 801.372.2460. Tell him Jill sent you, or if you would like you could contact me and I can have him call you. Heck, I need a deal on my work people!

I think Roger needs a new business card though, and I am not sure that I can resist coming up with a logo and making them for him.

Hopefully I can save my pennies and buy his stuff for my yard!

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