Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garden? Check!

Well I got one big "To Do" off my list and I have the bad tan lines to prove it. We pretty much finished up everything with our garden area this last Saturday. 

We woke up and got to work first thing in the morning before the tulips opened and laid down landscaping fabric all-around our garden boxes. 
Then we jumped in the truck and headed down to Blands nursery to pick up a truck load of gravel. We chose to use pea gravel because it would be nicer to walk on barefoot. We were worried about how many truck loads we would need since our space was kinda hard to calculate and we are typically not used to calculating things in cubic yards. We only ended up using 1 1/4 cubic yards which was great because it only took us two trips and cost us $35.00. 
I was expecting the gravel shoveling to be the hardest part of this projects, but it was not at all. Shoveling all the dirt was way worse. The gravel went relatively fast and was easy to move around with a metal rake. In-fact I think most the day was spent trying to perfect the leveling of the gravel until my husband convinced me that you cannot make gravel look perfect. What can I say I have visions. 
The last thing I did was place my little stepping stones in front of the boxes. Now I just need to paint on them. I think I am just going to free hand them with some black or brown paint or maybe blue. 
Jayna did good eating her lunch on the picnic bench and entertaining herself throughout the day. 
She had fun being outside all day and watching the tulips eventually open as the sun got warmer. She even played D.J. for awhile in the truck lowering and increasing the volume while dancing. I think that was the heat stroke finally setting in though.
So the next time you see us working in the yard will be when we are putting in a fence. Wait I take that back I may need to plant some seeds before then. 


  1. love the grow boxes! what did you put between the grass and the gravel?

  2. Thanks! We used a landscape edging. It is about 4 inches deep. So we dug that whole area out at a depth of 4 inches and then put the edging in and filled it in. I need to come steal some blackberry starts from you soon!