Sunday, April 4, 2010

Marbleized Easter Eggs

marbleized easter egg how toThis post is obviously late since easter is done and over with, but I thought I would share this fun egg marbleizing technique we used on Saturday. The results were fun, and the combinations of colors you could play with to come up with your very own unique easter eggs are endless.

marbleized easter eggs
All you need to make these eggs is water... vinegar... food coloring... and olive oil.

Our dyes were slightly on the light side. I think our results would have been even better if they were a little stronger, especially the color you swirl the eggs in to marbleize them.

I even thought these eggs would make a cute craft or decoration for a little boys dinosaur party.


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  2. Thanks for visiting the blog! So glad you like it. I will have to check your blog out in return, although I think I have seen it before. Thanks again!