Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Playing With Color

I just helped a cute gal over by me pick out paint colors and get design ideas for her house and we came up with a really fun color palette. 

The layout of her house is super fun and in my mind could be the ultimate Scandinavian design heaven. Her house is broken up into lots of really fun living spaces and she has the fun personality and family to match it. Her husband loves all things modern and has his bachelor days black leather couches with chrome legs to prove it, but she is a country daydreamer at heart having always wished for things like her own personal library and a willow tree out back to read under.

These are my two favorite spectrums to try and pull together, and somewhere in Scandinavian land modern and traditional collide to make beautiful design happen.

Since helping here my brain has been racing with even more ideas for her spaces. She just wanted paint colors, but she might end up having to hear about all my decorating and design ideas too. Sometimes when I walk into a house I feel like it just tells me what kind of house it wants to be. I think I have a sixth sense when it comes to houses and design, and the only way to keep the houses from speaking to me is to paint them and help them become what they want. "I see dead houses!", that just want to be brought back to life and reach their full potential.  This family is half way there with there house they just need some tweaks here and there, and then like Jayna likes to say "Ta Da" you have a beautiful house.

I do have a disclaimer on the above colors. Benjamin Moore's website colors look nothing like the real thing. Which you would think would be important if you are in the business of selling color. I would have scanned the swatches but the husband has the car with my swatches in it.If I get to help her out more I will be sure to post photos of the paint colors along with any thing we do.

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