Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Homemade Sugaring Wax - Wax On Wax Off

homemade sugaring waxThe other night, in-fact it was the same night we painted the laundry room, the husband brought up waxing. To spare the innocent I will leave out the details of the conversation, but it got me thinking about sugaring. I had had this done on my sensitive areas one time before, and it was sooooo much better than being waxed. I also just figured out that there is an esthetician at Blush salon studio and spa that I go to that does this sugaring method. Then I wondered if there was an easy way to make sugaring wax at home.

Fancy that there was!

After watching 5 million horrible you tube videos on how to make it I tried it out myself. It is not the easiest thing to make by a long shot. The ingredients are very simple and what most people already have in their kitchens, but it has to be cooked just right. Not too much and not to little, which can be tricky when that is only a minute or two difference. There are videos online that show people using the sugaring in an almost putty consistency, but I could not get mine to that state. I did have success with my second batch though and was able to use it like a hot wax, spreading it on and applying a strip of muslin fabric over it and then ripping it off the area. It worked great! I was really happy with it and was excited to have a cheap waxing option that I could do at home.

I only have my eye brows waxed about twice a year, and get the "every blue moon" bikini wax. This made me excited to wax more. Cost wise it has never been worth it for me to wax my legs, arms, or face. I would never think about trying grocery store waxes for the sole worry of bad reactions to cheap chemical mixes. This is all natural though, which means little to no chance of reaction. I remember when I got it done I had no irritation or break-out at all. Which I loved, I mean who wants to go exchange hair for a rash and pimples. No thanks!

homemade sugaring wax
So the recipe for sugaring wax is...

2 cups sugar (any sugar, I used white)
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup lemon juice (fresh squeezed or bottled)

Place and mix these ingredients in a sauce pan on the stove over a medium high temperature. The mixture will begin to bubble and boil a little (make sure not to over boil). After about 5 minutes the mixture will at some point begin to change color. When it looks a golden brown (almost like honey) you will want to remove from stove and pour into a clean container for storing (one that can be reheated). You can also get a spoon-full of the sugar water and run it under cold water to make sure it is sticky and will slightly ball up to see if it is done. Others said that a candy thermometer reading 260 will indicated a done sugaring wax (I did not have one). Let it cool for an hour or two. To heat it up just stick it in the microwave for about 30 seconds until it is a honey like consistency. Check how hot it is before applying to skin.

I loved the final working batch, but this can be frustrating to try and master. I think it is for-sure one of those things that you will love doing once you get it down though.

My poor husband and his brother had to be my ginny pigs for this wax in-between painting. It was a fun random night of crafts and projects though.

I will do a video on this as soon as I grow some leg hair out and get more sugar.


  1. This post makes me hurt. I'd rather pluck my eyebrows & I've never had a bikini wax. They scare me. I have waxed before on my face though & that is painful enough. I can pretty much guarantee that I will not be making this sugar mixture, but more power to you! :)

  2. Ohh I am sooo excited to try this! I have my eyebrows waxed once a month and have always wanted to get my bikini done but am way to chicken! And do I want the same girl that does my eyebrows seeing my lady business...I don't think so. So therefore I'd have to find somewhere else for that situation. So I keep putting it off. I almost got the courage while pregnant because let's face it, my lady business could have had it's own TV channel for how much it was viewed...nasty! But I chickened out again! So with that overshare I will say thank you again and click the Post Comment button! :)

  3. Jax: Hysterical! Let me know if you end up doing your own brows. That scares me because it seems like you would have to be really precise.

    I cannot believe you ladies have not had bikini waxes. Although I once had a Persian esthetician tell me I could be her long lost sister. lol So that explains that.

    Sugaring is way better than waxing. If you can't wax yourself and do not want to scare your husband further than childbirth did for-sure find someone who does it where you live. I have no problem waxing myself. Heck I can talk right through a bikini wax (freaks the estheticians out).

    Oh, DO NOT get a bikini wax while prego! Did it once. Never again. You have more blood circulation down there (same as when you are close or on your period). More blood = more pain.

  4. If your ever looking for someone locally here in SLC, try Nikoo at Saloon Zazou. She makes her own wax. She is amazingly fast and does large areas at a time...so less pain. She also does threading which I think is the best for shaping eyebrows. I highly recommend her.

  5. Brooke: I love threading and have not been able to find someone that does it since my lady moved. Thanks for the referral.

  6. I think I will stay away from my eyebrows...can't cover that up if it goes bad!

  7. If you are looking for an inexpensive at-home wax for arms and legs I love Parissa. I've been waxing my legs for years and this brand works wonders. I use the wax strips, not the hot wax. (When I first started, my friend would wax my legs for me, but now that I am use to it I wax my own legs.)

    The trick is to keep your legs warm while you do it. Go for a brisk walk right before you start. Then, as you go, rub each section of your leg with a towel before you put the wax strip on. I love waxing because I am hair free for weeks, and each time when my hair does grow in it is softer and finer.

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  10. Sugaring and waxing have a bit of a sting in them, but they can be pretty good. In any case, if you plan to DIY, it's best to get the job done by a professional first. It gives you a good idea on what to do if you even plan on doing it at home. That kind of experience can be very effective and useful.

    -Liam Ebden

  11. Thank you soooooo much for sharing!
    I am one of those people that buy the sugar wax, and this last time as I rant out got to thinking ,"I know some one has a recipe for this stuff," needless to say I dont think I will be buying any more wax.

  12. This looks great. By the way, next time you try something on your family, they are your "Guinea pigs." Just giving you a quick spell check. Thanks for the post. Deb

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  14. Pretty interesting recipe for waxing you got here! The best thing about this, I think, is that it’s natural, so you’re not using any harmful chemicals. I had a bikini wax treatment few weeks ago, and they applied a cream that makes the skin numb, making the procedure painless. It’s cost-effective and safe too, so I guess that’s another alternative.Justine Cricks

  15. What do you use as a cloth ? I am confused as I have never done this before. So you have the mixture, then i assume you slather it on and then what ?

  16. Best recipe!
    FYI to everyone:
    Stir constantly & keep heat to lowest setting for boil, especially if your stove runs hot (ie: gas)
    Color will be a golden burnt grass color & as it cools it will become darker, like a golden honey.
    If you cook it to a darker honey color, you will end up with lemon hard candy. Just cool & eat! :)

    Linen strips can be bought at beauty supply stores & some drugstores.
    Wash under hot water in the sink & air dry.

    Waxing, whether sugar or real wax, will hurt the first couple of times. I suggest going to get it professionally done a few times to understand the technique & to save trouble. It always takes longer than you think when you do it yourself, especially, when you have never done it before.
    Don't worry if a few hairs don't come out. You can either spend the time to pull them with tweezers but I say, "Just shave them!"
    You will get them next time!
    It does get easier with time. So much so, you can pull the hair out with your fingers! Good Luck!

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  18. I am really excited for summer because that means warm weather and long hours at the pool and beach. This also means a lot of shaving which can take up so much time. I have always wanted to try waxing because of the many great things that I have heard about it. I will definitely have to try this homemade sugar wax and see how it works. Do you have any tips or advice on what the expect or how to get the best results? http://eurospaofnaples.com/other-service/waxing/

  19. The Dos and Don'ts of At-Home Waxing
    You must read this hair removal guide before attempting to wax yourself

    • DO: Prevent ingrown hair by exfoliating and moisturizing
    • DON'T: Try to wax hair that's too short or too long
    • DO: Use baby powder pre-wax
    • DO: Test the temperature of your wax
    • DO: Apply and pull in the right direction
    • DO: Apply pressure post wax
    • DON'T: Wax the same area more than twice
    • DO: Use baby oil post-wax
    • DON'T: Pick at ingrown hairs
    • DON'T: Try a Brazilian wax at home
    • DO: Use a hair growth inhibitor
    • DON'T: Try waxing under these conditions

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  20. I am so excited to try this! It is going to save so much money at the salon.

  21. I have known this guest book for so long and didn’t leave any comments… But now I’ll definitely leave one.  sugar paste for waxing

  22. Hi! I've tried this recipe at its honey consistency, used cut up sheets (that may have been my problem), and waited for what felt like forever, hoping the "wax" would set or something, but all I ended up was sticky... Now that you've had a lot of time to do trial and error, any tips? Thanks!

  23. Hi! I've tried this recipe at its honey consistency, used cut up sheets (that may have been my problem), and waited for what felt like forever, hoping the "wax" would set or something, but all I ended up was sticky... Now that you've had a lot of time to do trial and error, any tips? Thanks!

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