Friday, May 7, 2010

Bake Sale Tomorrow!

The Bake Sale is here, and the cupcakes are baking as I type. I would love to see some of you local readers stop by. It will be at my house that is located in Taylorsville Utah. I would love to sellout of all my goodies and be able to write a nice check to Bake for Hope.

My Grandmother and Mother-in-law are both Breast Cancer Survivors and our family likes to get involved and find fun ways to help fight breast cancer so we do not have to see anymore loved ones suffer.

My husband even started Raft for the Cure down in Moab three years ago, which has turned into an amazingly successful event. So register now if you want a chance to participate in that. Some years they book out. There are only so many rafts in Moab. The atmosphere at this event is like no other! Watch the video

If this Bake Sale is a hit I will for-sure be doing it bigger and better next year so come on out. These things are only a success if people like you come and care. Thanks so much!

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  1. Great job on the bake sale. Everything looked amazing and we LOVED the cupcakes. Can I somehow convince you to give me your frosting recipe?