Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Perfect Plastics

I am not a big fan of plastic cups, plastic plates, and plastic bowls. Which I knew might pose a problem when having a child. I just hate it when people have nothing but cupboards full of plastic. So I have been determined to find a kid friendly solution to this idiosyncrasy I have, and I am happy to say that I have found it.

While shopping at Ikea I came across a dinner-ware line they have had for awhile, but saw it in a whole new light. It is there Fargrik Trolsk line which is plastic and dishwasher safe, but does have the draw back of not being microwave safe. It comes in a variety of colors, at least the bowls do, and has this wonderful mum design you can also get it in. 
I have all white dishes with some blue sets peppered in here and there so these fit right in. I have loved using them for Jayna and rarely use the microwave for her food anyways. In-fact I really should pick up more of these plates and bowls for her so I can get rid of the ones I don't like. Ikea also has silverware for children that looks just like mommy and daddies. They were out of stock last time I was there, but I plan on picking some up next time.


  1. I have a selection of plastic Ikea plates. They aren't the prettiest, but I still love them.

    I was stopping by to say I have a smore recipe featured on my blog today that is a must for summer parties.
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