Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Fence is Done!

We were hoping to have the fence done awhile ago, but the fence company got behind on its orders after the holiday weekend. I was so excited to finish the project and see how it looked all assembled that last Friday I buckled Jayna up in the truck and headed out for a days worth of "Man" work. We first went to The Home Depot to return eleven 80 pound bags of concrete that we did not end up using. I needed them out of the truck to pick up the rest of the fencing, and since I could not pick them up myself and throw them out of the truck that was my solution. Once the workers helped me clear that out we went over to the fencing company and loaded up everything minus two rails and the gates (they didn't fit). Then we loudly headed back home in the blue beauty.  At home I backed the truck up onto the lawn and went to work building my fence. It was pretty easy, but slightly difficult since I am 5 2" and the fence is 6 feet tall. Putting in the top rail was for-sure the trickiest part and required me to use a chair to get the job done. The picket fencing went in super easy until I realized that the guy who loaded me up must have left out an assembly direction or two. I called him and sure enough he did, but it was no big deal to go back and do. I left all the pieces that were going to need cutting to do the next day when Ryan was home. I can use a saw, but am still a little uncomfortable doing it while I am home with Jayna by myself. Who will pick up my fingers and drive me to the emergency room? Half way through my venture my good friend came over and helped me finish the rest in the rain.  I was proud I got so much done on my own.
Ryan was pretty impressed to pull up to the house and see most of the fence already assembled. Then the next day we cut the pieces that needed resizing, and hung the gates.
We still have about three sections around the basement entrance that are on special order for us and have not come in yet, so we will have to finish those up at a later date. I think it turned out great though and I am so excited to be able to lock Jayna and the dog back there and not have them running wild in the neighborhood. It was our biggest project to date even though we have remodeled an entire condo before, and it almost cost about the same as remodeling our condo too. The killer of the whole project though was that right when we were almost done with it the old wood fence behind our garden fell over. How is that for ironic? We will have to fix it later though, we just need to go over into the neighbors yard and put in a new post for her. For now we just pushed it back over the other way and it is resting on a tree in her yard.



  1. wow! Great job on doing most of it on your own! It looks wonderful! I understand how you feel about "locking" Jayna and the dog back there, we just completed our fence also and I love that they can play out there without me having to worry!

  2. It looks SO good! I love it! We need to come over and try it out :)

  3. ... and it looks fabulous. There is just something about a white fence that adds so much character and a sense of home to a house. Love it.