Sunday, June 6, 2010

One Year Older and Wiser Too

This last weekend we threw together a quick party for my brother-in-law Devin's 24th birthday. You would think someone who loves throwing parties would be better about remembering when her relatives birthdays are, but my husband and I are horrible at that.
So I made some last minute decorations for the occasion. I simply took a funny picture of him and edited and cut it out in photoshop, and then printed them and cut them out into circles. the straws were my favorite.
I also made a little birthday banner for him. I used these pre-made banner circles from Martha and just printed them on blue paper, cut them out, and stringed them together. I wish I would have made the circles bigger though, but it was fine for how casual the party was.

This picture theme idea would be so fun if expounded on. I hope to do it again sometime when I can have more time to really get into it.

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