Thursday, June 10, 2010

Peony Love: Bloom II

Another one of my Peonies bloomed today and I just had to share.
This one is a "Pink Dawn". It is a single Peony meaning that it only has that one layer of petals.

I am so hooked on Peonies now. My warning is to not plant them unless you want to have millions of them, because now I just want to fill every inch of my yard with them.
Rumor has it on the street that my neighbor that has tons of Peonies is jealous of mine, because I have different ones than her. Remember how jealous I was of hers? So funny. Guess you always want what you don't have. Maybe we can split bulbs next year. Although Peonies are known to curse anyone who moves them by not blooming for two to three years.

Here is a video on how to grow Peonies from Bland's Nursery which is my favorite.

Jessica is awesome and is always willing to help or 
talk to you at the nursery. You would swear her last 
name was Bland after chatting with her. 
Thanks for the tips Jessica!

*I just read over my post before publishing and found a critical spelling error. I am not the best speller, but this error made my post a little too PG-13 for me. So I hope I do not type Peonies that quick and carelessly again. If I do tell me! lol*

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