Monday, December 13, 2010

Play with Your Food

Even though the play kitchen still needs to be finished, and the hour glass to Christmas Day is quickly running out of sand I couldn't help but make these for Jayna's Kitchen.
Felt pastas!

Bow Tie, Lasagna (which I just realized is spelled wrong on the tag, good thing she is only 2 1/2), and Whole Wheat Spaghetti 
They were so easy to make and I already had the felt, so why not. 
I made the labels by combining a free silhouette download and tag download that I am sorry I do not have sources for either. Although if you would like to download the tags I made click HERE.

The husbands eyes are starting to roll as all the kitchen stuff from grandma and I starts popping up here and there in closets and hiding spots around the house. I think he is wondering if she will be taking this kitchen to college with her and if it really cooks things. That is how overboard it seems to him.
I see where he is coming from though considering Jayna thinks a nightstand with a drawer is a kitchen.


  1. these labels are precious! totally borrowing them!! also...i am literally LOLing about Ryan's comment about taking the kitchen to college. reminds me of gregg's eyes (my hubs) when i told him i wanted to buy unfinished wood to make this amazing kitchen for our 'future' children. lol.