Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fear Factor Activity

fear factor invitations
Here is what is on the schedule for today. Tonight I am in-charge of the 10 and 11 year old church girls activity. Since it is Halloween time I have planned a Fear Factor activity for them. I took them these flyers on Monday night inviting them to come to the activity and their response to the idea was pretty good. To be honest I was worried they were too young to even know what Fear Factor was, but thank goodness they seemed familiar with the show. So tonight I have conjured up some gross events for them to compete in. I am just hopping and praying that more than two girls show up, because if we are short players that means me and the other leader will have to do some of these gross games. Cross your fingers for me. There will be mystery shake drinking, baby food taste testing, and dog bone relays to name a couple of the things I have planned. I really hope the girls have fun. I am trying really hard to get them excited about Activity Days. To tie the activity into something spiritual I am going to give a mini lesson at the beginning about the difference between fear and faith, and how we can take our fears to God and be comforted by our faith in him.

*Side Note- Little Jayna Berry has been scared to go in the laundry room ever since I made these invitations because she could see the "bugs" on my desk in there. They are just little bugs I bought at the dollar store and hot glue gunned onto the invitations. She would run in there and then back up while she pointed at the desk and said "bug, bug, bug" It was too funny.

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