Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Decorations

The Fear Factor Activity was a hit. We had a great turn out and the girls loved and feared the activity. They faced fear in the face in the form of mystery shakes in skull mugs. Which were really just McDonalds shakes, fries, and burgers blended together. We had no vomiting thank goodness, but a couple of the girls looked sick from all of it.
fear factor shakes
Here are a couple pictures of my Halloween decorations I put up this year. Since this is my first year in this house I feel like my decorations have no home, because everything was bought for spots in the old condo. I am sure it will take me a couple of years to get everything how I like it.

halloween decorations
halloween decorations
Sadly enough that little Boo basket full of candy and handouts for the Fear Factor activity is still sitting there just like that. I totally forgot to give them to the girls last night. Sad.
halloween decorations
halloween decorations
I got the bottles on the fireplace from a mad scientists house a couple of years ago. You think I am kidding, but I'm serious. It was one of my many junking adventures. I was on my way to pick up pizza for dinner and saw this house kind of hidden on the side of the road with tons of stuff on the lawn and people going through it. So I thought "Yard Sale!" So I turned around pulled over and got out to take a look. I totally started going through stuff on the lawn and was more than excited to see tons of old bottles everywhere. Then I started getting kinda worried because I was slowly realizing that nothing was organized like a yard sale, the stuff on the lawn was really weird, and the house looked abandoned. Then I looked at the person next to me that was going through the bottles and she looked like she was totally on crack. So I went up to someone else on the lawn that looked like they were bringing stuff out of the garage and house and asked them how much the bottles cost. To my embarrassment he explained to me that they were just clearing out a relatives house that had just passed away because it was going to be demolished. I felt so bad. He told me I was not the first person that had stopped and that I could take whatever I wanted for free as long as I should it to them before I took it. It was crazy! It was all antique medical equipment. I guess the relative was a doctor and collected old medical things, and his house was just full of it. I felt weird taking the stuff, but I really wanted some bottles. Is that terrible? There was an awesome bed frame too, but I couldn't fit it in the jeep. My only regret the next day was not taking every bottle I saw. I even went back, but the crack head must have taken them all. The weird lamp I had in the living-room of the condo was also from there. It was an old surgical lamp. Ryan hates it and calls it our "Saw" lamp. I had some explaining to do that day because I was gone so long to get pizza and didn't have my cell phone to call and let him know what was going on.

I love getting stuff second-hand or from weird places. that way when I look around my home I see stories not stores.

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