Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Decorations Are Finally Up!

christmas lights
Christmas Decorations are finally up at the Hutchings house. I was kind of at a loss of what decorations to put out and where since this is the first Christmas we have had in our new house. In Christmas's past I would put decorations on my shelves, but I have not put anything up on the walls in this house yet. I am still waiting to finalize some of my decorating / remodeling decisions before I start putting nails in the walls. Everything turned out looking better than I thought it would though, and I inadvertently ended up with a snow theme this year. I will post pictures of my two decorated fireplaces when I am done tweaking them.

snowflake christmas tree

Believe it or not I usually put double the amount of decorations on my Christmas tree, but this was the perfect amount of decorations for this year since I have a very active and curious 21 months old ( I am telling her to put an ornament back this very second). Notice the ring of bells at the bottom of the tree. That is my homemade Christmas tree alarm, so that I will know when she is close to the tree. I thought I was pretty clever with that one, and it looks cute. Most of my ornaments are my Grandmothers from years ago. I think it is so fun that when my Dad comes to visit at Christmas time there are pieces of his childhood Christmas's scattered throughout my house for him to see. It always makes Christmas a little more meaningful for me.

Christmas table decorations

Speaking of things from the past. This is my Great Grandmothers Dinning room table that I have decorated for the Holidays. I am so excited to have this piece in my house along with the matching hutch. She always held Christmas morning brunch at this table and I am excited to put it to that same use again this Christmas. I need to somehow find an old picture of everyone around this table on Christmas morning at her house. That would be so fun to have displayed at Christmas time. The pipe-cleaner snowflakes are something I made last year and if I am not mistaken were "Martha's" idea.

christmas decoration ideas

Here is how I decorated the top of the hutch. The clock I made earlier this year at a church homemaking activity. The rest again are my Grandmothers old Christmas decorations. I also placed ornaments all through out the hutch filling the bowls and platters I have displayed in it.

wreath hung on doors

I put these two wreaths on the french doors leading into my soon to be amazing craft room which is now to my dismay housing a ping-pong table. You can see the disassembled playhouse I am working on in the background on top of the ping-pong table. The husband tries to tell me that the ping-pong table makes a great sewing table, but that is not exactly the look I was going for in my dream craft room.

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