Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dr. Seuss Playhouse Sneak Peak

Dr. Seuss playhouse
I am almost done with the Dr.Seuss playhouse we are making for Jayna's Dr. Seuss playroom we are giving her for Christmas. It is all sewn together and I just need to trim the door down to the right size, and make one more window. It was way easier to sew together than I thought it would be, thank-goodness, and all my measurements were right. You would be even more impressed if you knew what kind of machine I made it on. I describe my sewing machine as the one up from the sewing machine that says Barbie on it at Sears. That is pretty much the truth too. The little guy pulled through for me though, and it was our biggest sewing project to date. I will post pictures of the finished playhouse along with the playroom when we are done with it. As for now this sneak peak will have to do. I have to get cracking on painting the playroom this weekend so we can put everything in it.


  1. you're unbelievably creative! love it!!!! job well done!!!

  2. I love your play house and was following the frame instructions to build one. You mentioned that you made a minor adjustment to the frame. Would you mind sharing what the adjustment was so I can keep it in mind when I go buy my parts this weekend? Thanks so much!

  3. Oh, and my email address is caraleesanders@yahoo.com Thanks!