Wednesday, December 23, 2009


christmas party
So I did in-fact manage to pull off my Christmas party even with all the chaos that comes with the Holidays.

The baking of all my treats was made a-lot easier with my early Christmas gift too. I am in love with this beauty and have to pinch myself that I even have it in my kitchen. So you may be wondering what I was using to mix and make all my goodies for parties before I got this wonderful piece of machinery. Just about nothing! A small hand mixer my sweet grandmother bought me off of QVC (even that I have only had for three years), or a good old wooden spoon. So I am thankful Santa saw my talent and need.

dessert barI did all desserts for the party along with a hot cocoa bar. I made little food signs for everything and tried to make them tie into the winter snowflake Christmas theme I have going on throughout the house and on the island. I picked up the light blue snowflake dollies at the dollar store and they looked great scattered under all the trays and platters. The tall jars filled with marshmallows and scented pine cones added a nice touch and some height on the table to balance out the cupcake stand.
cocoa bar tea partycocoa bar christmas party
For the cocoa bar I put out jars with assorted flavored cocoas that had little tags letting guests know what flavors were theirs for the choosing. I stacked all my milk-glass teacups and their saucers (which I purchased years ago from a thrift store) behind the cocoa jars all shiny and nice like. Before hand I tagged each cup with a little tag that had a word associated with winter or Christmas on it so that guests could tell their cups apart throughout the evening. Then I just made sure to have a nice big pot of hot water going during the party so guests could help themselves to as much cocoa as they would like.

snow cupcakes winter cupcakes christmas cupcakes
I made cupcakes of course and sprinkled them with edible glitter to make the frosting look snow like, and found cupcake liners to go along with my color theme.

dessert bar
In the center of the island I placed a yummy Devils food pound cake that I cleverly label to describe the touch of vanilla glaze and sprinkles that I topped it with.

holiday party partyI also made mini bundt spice cakes and drizzles blue frosting and snowflake sprinkles on them for a fun look.
winter partyThese are fun little cookies for a party too. They are s'more cookies made with homemade graham cracker discs that you then bake with half a large marshmallow a-top the cookie and dip in chocolate. They are a little messy for your fingers, but just right for your sweet tooth.

Most the guests were late do to the snow storm, but what could go more perfect with a Christmas party (let alone a snowflake themed one) then freshly falling snow outside.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas. I will post again soon when the festivities of the big holiday are all over and done with.


  1. This all looks incredible! Wow Jill! I LOVE the entire Holiday theme! The food all looks amazing! I have to say, Glen is pretty upset that he wasn't invited to the party to try all the goodies!!

  2. It all looks too pretty to eat! LOVE it!

  3. You made ALL of that! Amazing and the frost bitten cake.

  4. Wow! This dessert display is absolutely amazing! I love the edible glitter idea - so, so pretty!!

  5. This was such a fun party!! Thanks again for the invite. You are quite the party planner, Jill.

  6. Love this! I had to include your tablescape as inspiration for a blue/brown baby shower inspiration board!

    Kim @
    party inspiration