Monday, December 21, 2009

Dr.Seuss Playroom

Santa's elves are all done with Jayna's Dr. Seuss playroom. It has turned out really nice. I was shocked at how well the toys fit. I thought for sure I would need double the storage, but I didn't. In the future I will probably add another bookcase or two, but for now the storage is perfect. I didn't even use one of the white baskets and three of the pop-up storage bins.

Dr.Seuss playroom before

Here are before pictures of the playroom. It was just a basic plain white room with no closet and a little alcove.

Dr.Seuss playroom entrance

Out in the hall I hung this picture of Dr.Seuss books above the door going into the playroom. I love how it looks so much that I am now planning on putting little frames above all the doors in the hall hinting to what rooms they are. Kinda like on imagination movers. lol. You stay-at-home moms know what I am talking about. It will look so much better once I paint the hall too.

Dr.Seuss playroomWe painted the room Tembleque from Kwal paints. It is a really pretty blue with a little hint of green. I think I may even paint my craft room downstairs this same color. The table, stools, baskets, and bookcase are from Ikea and were really good prices. I found the blue trunk forever ago at a thrift store and even consigned it, but no-one bought it so I ended up with it again. I have kept it all this time hoping to find the perfect home for it. I am glad I did because it looks great in this room and holds tons of toys. The red chairs are the medium size Pottery Barn Kids everywhere chairs. I think they are even on sale right now. The curtains are also from Ikea and where really cheap, and the Dr. Seuss hats I bought at Target for the Dr. Seuss baby shower I did awhile back.

pvc pipe dr.seuss playhouse playroom
pvc pipe playhouse dr.Seuss playroom
Here is the finished playhouse. It turned out super cute and I am very proud of myself for whipping it out as fast as I did. I still need to trim the door a little and we are going to make a miner adjustment in the frame. I love it. I think this will be Jayna's favorite part of the room so I am really glad we thought of it.(click for playhouse frame how to)

toy box labelsI made these little labels for all the toy baskets. I thought it would be a good teaching tool to help little Jayna learn how to put her toys away. To make them I just took pictures of some of her toys on top of a white piece of paper. Then I loaded them into photoshop and adjusted the levels of the colors a little, printed them out onto photo-paper, and used self-laminate sheets to make them kid durable.

Dr.Seuss playroomOn one of the walls I but a large magnet board I picked up at Ikea. I placed it really low so that she could use it while sitting on the floor. I have not found any good magnet letters for her yet, so I turned the buttons I used at the Dr.Seuss baby shower into magnets. I just took the pins out and added little strips of adhesive magnets to the back of them. I had picked these bags up at Target too and decided they would look cute hung on hooks in the playroom. Jayna loves filling up little bags with toys and treasures so I thought she would enjoy using these.

Dr.Seuss playroom

So the only thing left to do is paint the huge Dr.Seuss murals. Who knows when I will get around to doing that. I am just glad I was reasonable enough to know I could not do it before Christmas.

Well my Christmas party is tomorrow so I better get baking.


  1. ADORABLE! Seriously love it. The playhouse is awesome! I'm planning to do Jack's new room once he moves out of the nursery in Dr. Seuss theme. Such a cute theme for a toddler. Plus...have you seen the darling Pottery Barn Dr. Seuss bedding? Obviously you have because you have one of the throw pillows (I have the same one). Anyway, love it! We'll have to come visit and play in your new room next time we're in town. :)

  2. Thanks Mindy! So funny that you are going to do a Dr.Seuss room too. My friend Julie also wants to do one. Due come visit. Congratulations too!

  3. I LOVE this! This turned out AMAZING! YOU are amazing Jill! Good luck with all the baking!

  4. That is SO cute! I love that! Thanks for linking to Favorite Things Friday!

  5. You did a Seusstastic job! I love the playhouse and all the other details with bright colors that make this so whimsical for kids. I'd love to feature this as a post on my blog. I added it to a link list already as I am collecting Dr. Seuss decor & party ideas, see here: