Friday, February 19, 2010

Filet Mignon with Herb-and-Cheese Potatoes

filet mignon recipe homemade fries
Here is a
dinner recipe I tried out this week courtesy of Martha. It turned out really good and was very yummy. Just don't believe Martha when she tells you that if you put olive oil on your baking sheet your fries will not stick. I will be using parchment paper next time. She also forgets to mention what temperature to bake the fries at. We bake ours at about 400 degrees usually. I substituted the cotija cheese which my grocer did not carry for hand grated parmesan cheese, and used sweeter yukon potatoes instead of russet potatoes. Cotija is very similar to parmesan so it work out just fine.

filet mignon recipe homemade fries

This was an easy recipe with minimal ingredients, but lots of flavor. The butter was amazing on the filet mignon. I will for-sure be making the fries again and would love to serve this meal to dinner guests if I can bring myself to spend the $ bucks $ to do it. Our two filets which were a decent size cost $13.00. Compared to going out it is a good price, but it would be expensive to do for a full dinner party with guests.

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