Thursday, February 18, 2010

Framing the Past

Something inside of me has always been strongly drawn to the past. Growing up I was often told by adults that I had an "old soul". I contribute this to my love for all things with history and a story to tell. If it is old I want it!

Thankfully I have a Grandmother who has not only kept tons of pictures, but the items that go along with the pictures and stories. After acquiring my Great-Grandmothers dining table I knew I would dedicate that room to my family heritage. I have always dreamed of blowing up old black and white pictures and shadow-boxing long forgotten trinkets, and I am finally getting around to it. Right now I am just using what I have as far as frames, pictures, and items are concerned. In the future I hope to take a Saturday and visit with my Grandma again to see what other fun things I can resurrect. A picture of my dining-room set at my Great-Grandmothers house is top on my list of treasures to find.

I took these photos that we have of an ancestor in his produce truck decorated for the Farmington Utah Pioneer Celebration parade in 1914, and simply made copies of them and printed them at home onto photo paper. Then I framed them in this frame adding a map of the Mormon Pioneer exudes that I found and printed from online.

This picture is actually of one of my Grandmas elementary school teachers funny enough. I just could not pass it up with its more than amazing picture booth background. I then added old beads from broken necklaces that I had found at my Grandmas in an old skippy peanut butter jar.

This is a wallet size picture of my Great-Grandma Lund that I included in a frame with a napkin she embroidered ( I still have to confirm that though) I think I have a better one that she actually embroidered her initials on, but until I come across that one this will due. I also placed her sewing thimble along with the box she bought it in and wrote her name on, on the outside of the frame.

This is a picture I loved of Grandpa Lund fixing a fence at his Sister-in-laws house in California with Grandma Lund over seeing the work. The background in this photo is an old cloth seed bag I found in a tool chest my Grandma gave to my husband. It didn't belong to Grandpa Lund I am sure, but I thought it went along with the story in the picture.

Displaying old family photos and items is such an easy way to gain a sense of pride in your family history, and feel closer to those who have come before you. What family treasures have you found or displayed?

I have many more amazing family photos and items that I want to display and I will be sure to share them with you as I work on them.

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  1. Those are really cool Jill! I love your new header too!