Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So after my last trip to D.I. I vowed not to go back until I was done with all my pending projects, but how I ended up at my favorite D.I. in Provo this last weekend was not my fault I swear.

We were driving my brother-in-law who babysat for us Friday night back to his apartment at the Y and decided to drive around and help him look for a new car since his has broken down indefinitely. Ryan and him spotted a potential car at a used car dealership right across from D.I. and it was Ryan's brilliant idea to drop me off with Jayna while they went over and checked it out.

So the fact that we ended up bringing another coffee table home was ridiculous, but not surprising. My justification was that I liked it in the state it was in and that if it didn't work size wise it would be a perfect item to consign. I love it in the front room and it is helping me mentally pull this room together. I have two chairs out in the garage that I am planning on painting white and reupholstering in place of the two wood ones that are currently in there. So right now it looks a little mismatched, but like everything else it is getting there.

This is the first time I have run across the problem of a thrift piece smelling of smoke though. After doing some research online I think I am going to simply put a top-coat on it to seal it up again and hope that does the trick. As for now we have a smoking and non-smoking room I guess. I have to still clean the bottom too, hence the garbage bag underneath it.

I have a cute little story about the accessories on the table too. I wanted to decorate it and see just how much I liked it in the room so I was messing around with different groupings on it. Jayna got so into it! She was grabbing toys she had and placing them on the table and putting fake plants in different things. Then she would ask me "Mom, do you love it?" it was hysterical. As someone who always complains about not having shopping and decorating friends it almost brought me to tears. It was my first glimpse at a mother daughter decorating team. She would even sit on the couch with me and look at the table, and then when I went and got a decorating book to reference some ideas she grabbed her coloring book and joined me. I will always remember that moment as long as I live. The first time we decorated a room together.

So you will have to let me know what you think of this table since I am testing it out. Should I paint it? What are your suggestions? There are pictures of the coffee table I had in there previously in this post.


  1. Love the table! Good find. I like it better than the other one there. It looks good in the state it's in, but I would probably paint it since I'm on a painted furniture kick. LOVE that Jayna was helping you!!!!