Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grass Terrarium

grass terrarium how to with wheat berries
I spotted these grass terrariums over at
Monkey See - Monkey Do and just had to post about them. They look so fun and easy to do if I can figure out where to buy the wheat berries. Anyone know where? What a fun spring / easter craft to do with kids, and they only take about 5 days to sprout. I am all about instant gratification, so this is something I can handle. I am afraid I will make tons of these and put them everywhere though. They just look so fresh and beautiful.

grass terrarium how to

For the full how to head over to Yolanda's blog.


  1. Don't you mean instant "grassification?" :) I would just use bird seed. It sprouts so fast under my feeders! Love the blog!

  2. That is funny! See I would have never know bird seed would work. What a great idea. That is why I love comments and input. Thanks! If you do this project or have something great to contribute to the blog send me an email and I will see about posting it. Thanks again.

  3. Hey, you live in the good ol' Utah? Hit up your neighbors for some wheat.
    Thanks for featuring me - you are very kind and I am very honored.

  4. Wait a minute! I'm Mormon... I have a bag of wheat.... what was I thinking. lol. Now I just need dirt. Thanks Yolanda!

  5. I'm pretty sure that 'wheat grass' seed is different than wheat seed. The seeds are readily available at health food stores, and also, I have seen seeds in Walmart called 'cat grass'. You can also find it in bulk on Ebay! I enjoyed your post...