Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm Still Here!

I swear I am still here! This weekend has been crazy we worked last week on getting everything to start our fence project. The husband took Friday off to start on it and he just finished this afternoon. Thanks to the help of his brother who we use as a workhorse on the weekends. Devin your the best! 

So here are all the posts up and ready for fencing next weekend (they have to set). 
No more chain link around the basement! I am such a happy girl about that part. The boys even managed to not damage my freshly planted peonies (I will share about them later). 
My husband is so proud of how perfectly straight he made the fence posts line up. 

My other backyard projects include 
this swing and 

a fire pit area like this. 

Not sure if they will happen this summer though. Husband is a little tired and can't think about another one of my crazy projects right now.

I managed to slip in a trip to my favorite thrift store this weekend too and picked up two great chairs. The husband was less than pleased that I was adding to my chair collection in the garage, but I think he will get over it.  I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. I have a kinda big doctors appointment tomorrow so I am just trying to get ready for that and get the energy to explain me problems to one more person and listen to what they have to say about it. So forgive me for the lame "post" and know that there are good posts waiting in the wings and a great giveaway being planned for this month. 

Quick side note too. The winner of the cansolidator giveaway has not contacted me yet and if they do not contact me by Wednesday I think I will chose a new winner.


  1. I hope your doctors appointment goes well!

  2. Ooooh, make it me make it me. I will contact you! Remember how I should've won anyway ;)