Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Peony Love

I am in love! My first Peony bloomed today.
It is a "Bowl of Beauty"Peony and I just love it. It was actually one that I was not sure about planting because I love the all pink ones so much, but after seeing it I want more. I got all my Peonies at Bland's Nursery in West Jordan Utah by the way. It is only my favorite nursery, and the ladies are so helpful.

Everything about Peonies is so beautiful. They have the prettiest waxy green leaves that I am sure will look great in arrangements. 

I could stare at their tight small flower buds all day trying to figure out how they pack so many frilly petals in there.

I am crossing my fingers that I do not kill them and that they will flourish where I have planted them. My neighbor has a whole row of them plated against her fence and I am so envious of their maturity. I can not wait until my little area looks full like hers. It gives me hope that our area is good for growing them though.

In my tiered grow areas down to the basement I have what is probably a weed growing between the stone, but I love how it looks. 
My wise neighbor also taught me that a weed is anything that is growing where you do not want it to. So since this is growing where I want it to I am going to unclassified it as a weed. I just go off of looks since I do not know a whole lot about plants.

My neighbor has a huge hydrangea bush too. 
I even clipped some to put on the dining room table. They are such fun little puff balls.
I want some hydrangeas in the backyard for-sure. I have even had a spot scoped out for the last year.
I want some under this window, so I will need a dwarf version that does not get as big as the neighbors. This area back by the window is also where I want our fire-pit and benches to be. Some how it turned into our junk pile over the weekend with the fence project going on. Please forgive me for the state of our lawn and yard. Weeding, fertilizing, mowing, and edging have all taken a back seat to putting up the fence.


  1. how pretty! ...and I agree about the "weed" ... it looks great and it IS only a weed if it is something you don't want!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. Ok, putting peonies on my 'must plant' list ♥ I am definitely going to get some this year. And if that is a weed on your fence, then I want one too because it is the prettiest cluster of greenery!

    We're having a giveaway, stop by and join in.
    Jane T.

  3. That peony is so pretty! You must be a very good gardener. I hope that other project works for you-good luck!

    Best wishes,

  4. It was fun to see you again today! I am so going to grow peonies when I get a 7 years :) Thanks for letting us come over and play!