Friday, June 18, 2010

Princess Perfect Gift Bags

We have a trip to the Magic Kingdom coming up soon and we are going with my husbands whole family. I am super excited to take Jayna for the first time, and know she will have a blast since she has two cousins about her same age. One that is four months older, and one that is 4 months younger. So when I came across a cute little tank top with three Disney princesses on it at Walmart it seemed like a no brainer times 3. From there I kept finding cute little things for the girls and finally had to just stop myself and package them all up. These would be really cute gift bags for a Princess party though.
I found the cute little colored soft bags at the dollars store along with the Alice in Wonderland books, Princess disks and little cupcake hair clips.
I also snagged some Little Mermaid beach balls for them at the dollar store too.
Then when I was at a local pharmacy I saw these cute little wand suckers and had to pick one up for each of the girls since they were only 30 cents.
I then made little tags for each of the bags that had their name in a Disney font and a princess that coordinated with their tank top and the disks I gave each one of them. I also threw in some princess fruit snacks and a pair of sunglasses that I found in the dollar section at Target after I had taken these pictures. 
I am hoping the girls will like them and be able to play with their toys at the beach and wear their matching tank tops to Disney Land.

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  1. Brynn loved her bag! This week she wanted to wear her shirt everyday. I had her help me put it into the washing machine so she could see that we couldn't wear it today! She loves being a princess! Thanks for making that day even better than planned!