Monday, August 23, 2010

Lemonade Anyone?

The Lemonade stand went well last week with the girls. The weather cleared up just long enough for us to get a good hour of selling in. Only two out of thirteen girls showed up, but I am sure it was because a lot of them probably thought it was cancelled due to the weather. When life gives you Lemons you just make Lemonade though right? Or in this case Rosemary Lemonade and Pink Lemonade Cupcakes!

The Pink Lemonade Cupcakes were a hit. I got the recipe from Sweet Tooth and then adapted my personal frosting recipe to have some Pink Lemonade in it. The straws added just the right touch to them. I got the cupcake topper idea and download via iDIY and compliments of Christy of Farouche. I simply made the circles the size I needed them and then printed and cut them out. Then I punched out some green circles and cut them up making that fun fan effect, and then hot glue-gunned the circles together and glue-gunned a toothpick to the back of them. It was really easy to do and added that much more to the Lemonade Stand.
I used the same download to make a sign for the Lemonade dispenser and stickers on the cups. The pendant banner I threw together really quick on the sewing machine with some scrap fabrics and ribbon I already had at the house. I kinda want to make another one and put both of them in Jayna's "Big Girl" room when I get around to doing it. The ribbon and fabric tied to the tops of the glass lids is just that, ribbon and fabric. I just ripped some strips of fabric and cut some ribbon and tied them on and curled the ribbon. Taking your party or Lemonade stand to the next level visually really does not take much effort at all. Just a little planning and homemade innovation. 

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