Friday, September 10, 2010

The Bed and Breakfast is Now Open

The husband and I have been sleeping terribly lately, and I have been pushing for a new bed for awhile now.  So this past Labor day weekend we went out and made the big purchase for our new King size bed. I am so excited about having a new bed and am crossing me fingers that it will be the solution to our tossing and turning.
Since we upgraded from a Queen to a King I need all new sheets, toppers, comforters, quilts, bedskirts, and a headboard. I thought it would be fun shopping for all these things, but for some reason it stressed me out big time. All those items can add up quick and trying to figure out what I wanted, and need and then matching it to the existing things in the room ( like this new piece of art we picked up at Tuesday Morning for $20) turned out to be a little of a challenge. After two days of searching the entire Salt Lake Valley Jayna and I managed to pull it off some how and we only had to make three trips to Pottery Barn. 
The other thing I have been really excited about with this new purchase was moving our old bed down into the basement guest bedroom. In the past we have had a Queen full size Air mattress down there which has worked out well for guests, but I wanted something a little more long-term setup. So last night we went to work doing moving the bed and I worked on all the bedding and decorating for the guest room. 

After a little steaming of the sheets and some accessories here and there it looked better than I had imagined it would. In the future I will replace the existing side tables, but for now it is set up and ready for guests. 
So for those of you who have visited before come back and try out the new setup, and for those of you who have never visited come on over. Now I know in the beginning of this post I was complaining about the bed I am now inviting you to sleep on, but for short stays it is just fine. Who knows maybe if you are good guests I will even buy you a new topper.
Pics of the new Master Bedroom setup to come .... Here is a look at the some of the bedding
Oh, and did I mention that your new guest Apartment also has a new popcorn machine in the kitchen for those late night snacks?!? It was a promotion they had at R.C. Willey when we bought the bed. Any purchase over $499 could buy the popcorn machine for $10. I couldn't resist adding it to my party collection.


  1. Enjoy the new King Bed and can't wait to see your new bedding set-up.

  2. We can't wait to come visit you and your new fabulous guest room. Hope you are feeling better.

  3. I love it! Can't wait until we do this to my house! You are so talented, i'm excited to see the master. And a king size bed will change your life! i can't believe you and ryan lasted 7 plus years!