Friday, September 17, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

I love love love my new bed! It is everything I could have hoped and dreamed of. I have really bad leg, joint, and hip pains with my medical problems and my new bed has cut that pain down by about 80%. My problem before was that I would already be in pain before going to bed and then because I could not get comfortable in bed all my moving around would just further inflame and agitate my pain. Now I am able to sleep in pretty much the same position all night long. I love it!
We ended up buying our mattress at RC Willey due to the really positive experiences we have had buying from there in the past. The mattress we chose was the Serta"Cypres" in a king which is actually a mattress that is made right here in Salt Lake City. It is a foam mattress, but unlike the hot and stiff Tempur-Pedic beds this is made out of a latex foam that does not get hot and is soft. I about brought my back trying to help Ryan get it up our stairs though. I new we should have gotten delivery, but the husband wanted to pick it up in the Blue Beauty (our truck). I didn't realize how big the actual mattress was until after we had set it up and it was to my hips. I am pretty short at 5 feet 2 inches tall so my first comment about the bed was that I will never be able to get in it pregnant. I will have to have a step stool or something. I could not even get in and out of our last bed with out standing on a big make-up box of mine after I had had Jayna by C-section. So with this bed there is no way. I think the mattress it self is 14 inches tall and then you add the box spring, frame, mattress pad to that and you have yourself one tall bed to get into. It hasn't bothered me like I was afraid it would though. 
All my bedding came together really well too. I got my decorative pillows at Peir 1, my shams at Target on sale for only $10.00 along with my sleeping pillows, my Duvet cover and quilt at Pottery Barn, and my bedskirt and Duvet insert at Bed Bath and Beyond. 
So far I have loved everything I have bought. We will see if that is still the case after I wash everything. I am kinda dreading that part. 
The room looks a little cold in this picture with the stark white walls. I am planning on painting the room a beige to warm it up a little and add some contrast to the window trim, fireplace, and balcony doors. My other problem now is that my bed dwarfs my little white pedestal side tables. In the picture above you can barley see the top of a flower arrangement I have on one of them. Also it leaves us reaching down to our night stands while in bed. So I will be thinking of solutions for that in the future. 

I hope you like my bedding because I am in love with it. Mixing white and cream like I have done on this bed was something I normally would not have thought of, but I love how it looks and feels. There is nothing better than crawling into a puffy well made bed at the end of the night. Now go make your bed!


  1. Yay for a new bed! I am so glad you found something that helps you feel so much better! I miss my blogging friend! We need to get together sometime soon...just not sure when with this new crazy apartment manager's schedule I have :(

    I think you should put little shelves next to your bad for side "tables." I have seen that done with floating shelves that looks really nice. Or some really tall end tables...

  2. Hooray for finally getting a KING. We struggle getting a good nights sleep in anything smaller. I don't know how you lasted as long as you did. The bedding is lovely....and now I feel like making my bed just so I can get into a made bed. :)

  3. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! I swear the upgrade to a king bed saved me! I love the bedding and the pillows!

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