Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Outdoor Decor

I try to add a little to all my Holiday decorations each year, and this year I decided to take another que from Martha and make a "spooky" wreath. 

I found all my needed supplies at Taiwan Imports (whole sale only, not open to the public), but you could find similar supplies at Michael's or the Dollar Tree. 
I simply got a basic wood or twig wreath and picked out the moss of my choice. Reindeer moss provides a scary texture and comes in the bright green or cream. 
I glue gunned patches of the moss onto the wreath until it was covered to my liking.
Then I added my spooky spiders and centipedes with a hot glue gun as-well. 
The finishing touch was the black ribbon to hang it on my door hook.
It was a fast and easy project that added just the right touch. I also found my urn planters at the same store on sale. They were actually different colors, so I sprayed both of them black. They will be out there year round, but I love them with the gray pumpkins on them. 
Of course the window silhouettes went up again this year (that was last years addition), and they are a hit once again. I was surprised at how many people in the neighborhood kept asking me if they were up yet. I have already started thinking of things I should do next year, but as for this year I am done. 

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