Saturday, October 30, 2010

The "Queen" has arrived

This year I made Jayna a little queen costume for Halloween. She had this cute white dress that would be for a wedding or fancy event and since we have not had any of those I thought it would make the perfect queen dress. The best part about this costume was that everything was so simple and fun to make. 

Her cape was made out of one cut of felt that I simply cut little slits along the bias to weave ribbon through.  I placed the slits down into the fabric more to create a big collar for her majesty. Her scepter was just a foam ball and a dowel from the craft store that I wrapped in different beaded garland that I found in the dollar bins. Then I added some blue ribbon to the ball that also had beads on it.
Then I found these cute little jewels in the jewelry sale bin at Joanne's and thought they would make great little royal brooches.
Her crown is made out of lace that I cut to fit the circumference of her head. I got it to stand up by painting it gold with craft paint then doing two coats of Modge-Podge and adding glitter to it. I simply hot glue gunned the two ends together when the paint dried. I love that the lace has so much detail in it.
I didn't search everywhere, but I was having a hard time finding white child dress shoes this time of year. So I was really happy to stumble upon these cute gold ones. They look super cute for the "queen" and she can wear them after Halloween. 
Her trick-or-treat bag was just made out of some leftover white felt I had. I just cut out a large rectangle, sewed up the sides, made some slits, weaved the ribbon through and added some jewels. 

I just love how this costume turned out and think she looks so sweet. If I would have put more thought into it sooner I would have had husband and I dress up as her guards to escort her around the neighborhood. This costume would even be cute for a little girls birthday party.

Happy Halloween!

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