Thursday, December 9, 2010

Santa's Workshop is Now Open

It's official Santa's little elves are hard at work at the Hutchings home. Jayna loves little play kitchens and since she does not have one of her own to play with at home we decided that is what we would get her for Christmas this year. Shhhh!

Of course you know me I couldn't just go out and buy one...So this is post one of the home-made play kitchen we are making Jayna for Christmas.
You have heard me talk about the site Knock-Off-Wood (which is now before and now you are going to hear me talk about it again since that is where I got the free plans for this cute little kitchen. You may also remember the children's picnic table I built this summer using her plans.

The plans are really simple and come with all the information you need to build each piece. We bought all the wood for a stove, fridge, and sink, plus nails for about $90.00
First we simply cut all our wood to the appropriate sizes using my awesome compound miter saw.
Then followed the instructions about where to glue and nail each piece, and before we knew it we had the beginnings of a little kitchen.
It was super easy and simple, but I must say having all the right tools helps a ton. This summer I spent my dough on an air-compressor, nail guns, and a miter saw. I bought them all refurbished from Tool King and was pleased with the whole process, and so far the tools have been great.
After building each piece we filled in all the nail holes, let the filler dry over night and then sanded all the pieces down. Next we cut out the spot for the sink and later we will build the fridge door and oven door. Then all the pieces will get a nice coat of paint.

If you want to make this play kitchen for your little chef this holiday season you still have plenty of time. Buying, building and sanding everything only took us a total of two or three hours.
Stay-tuned for more posts from Santa's workshop.


  1. i cannot handle how cute this is going to be! and i really love how you put all the links to where you got everything from (including the tools) LOVE THIS JILL, can't wait to see more!

  2. Jill, those look fabulous! You guys do such great work on all your projects! Can't wait to see the finish products. :)